You have managed to find the official Ward/Endrizzi repository of all things interesting to only us. Have a look around if you know us, buzz off if you don't ;-)

This little spot on the interwebs you have landed is for my family photographs. I put here pictures that I take of my kids doing activities such as soccer, plays, birthdays, and the like. There is also the odd extended family picture in here. The idea was that this would be a spot that parents, friends, and relatives could come to see pictures of my kids and themselves in goofy poses that they wouldn't have done if they had seen the camera pointed at them. (Don't they remember that I always have a camera with me?)

If you would like to know about me, Chris Ward in particular, you might want to check out my blog at Cyberward.net. I update it with happenings of photography and computers.

Hopefully there looks like a little bit of skill exists even in these snapshots. If you are interested in wedding, family, or high school senior photography, please check out my commercial site, Christopher Ward Photography.com.